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Епизоотиолошка, серолошка и молекуларна истраживања врста рода Trichinella : докторска дисертација


Živojinović, Milena Ž., 1970-


Kulišić, Zoran, 1958-
Sofronić, Ljiljana
Teodorović, Vlado, 1962-
Radojičić, Sonja, 1963-
Mirilović, Milorad, 1964-

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У овом раду испитивана је присутност трихинела на ендемском подручју Браничева и Подунавља код домаћих и дивљих животиња, као и идентификација присутних врста рода Trichinella...

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Ветеринарска медицина-Епизоотиологија, заразне болести животиња и болести пчела и свилопреља / Veterinary Medicine - Epizootiology, infectious diseases of animals and diseases of bees and silkworms Датум одбране : 25.12.2013

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In this work we investigated presence of Trichinella species at endemic districts Branicevo and Podunavlje in population of domestic and wild animals. We examined 211 samples of muscular tissue from domestic pigs and 30 samples from dogs, by artificial digestion. Positive result was in 25 (11, 85%) samples from pigs and 7 (23,33%) dogs. Significant different (p<0, 01) was in percentage of infection in population of pigs from backyards and pigs from industrial farms. Among wild life, 338 samples were examined. Trichinella infections were detected in 7 from 174 (4,02%) wild boars (Sus scrofa), in 8 from 118 (6, 78%) foxes (Vulpes vulpes), in 8 from 42 (19, 05%) jackals (Canis aureus) and in all for examined wolves (Canis lupus). During serology survey, performed at industrial farms in 150 samples of swine sera we didn’t detect anti-Trichinella antibodies by ELISA test. In backyards we confirmed positive results in 26 (12, 68%) swine sera, weakly positive results in 6 (2, 93%) sera samples and 13 (6, 34%) negative results. From 11 serum samples of stray dogs from municipality of Pozarevac, 8 have specific anti-Trichinella antibodies, 1 was suspect and 2 were negative. We examined 17 samples of meet juice from wild boars when 7 samples were positive and in 10 samples we didn’t detect anti-Trichinella antibodies by ELISA test. Results from serology investigation were confirmed by artificial digestion. All positive and weakly positive samples in ELISA test (32 samples) were confirmed as positive in Western blot test. Samples examined by Multiplex PCR were from 6 animal species: 25 domestic swine, 7 wild boars, 8 foxes, 8 jackals, 4 wolves and 7 dogs. We obtained result from 53 samples and non result in 6 (10, 2%) samples. Trichinella spiralis were identified in 43 (72, 9%) samples and Trichinella britovi in 7 samples (11,8%). Mix infection with boat species were in 3 samples (5, 1%). Trichinella spiralis was found in 25 domestic pigs, 5 dogs, 5 foxes, 5 jackals and 3 wild boars. Trichinella britovi was found only in wild animals (1 wild boar, 1 jackal, 1 fox and 4 wolves). Mix infection (T. spiralis ( T. britovi) was found in 2 foxes and 1 jackal. In population of domestic pig and dogs only T. spiralis was found. Geographical distribution showed at Podunavlje district only presents of T. spiralis and at Branicevo district presents of T. spiralis ( T. britovi...

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OSNO - Opšta sistematizacija naučnih oblasti, Infektivne bolesti. Parazitske bolesti

Trichinella spiralis, Trichinella britovi, домаће и дивље животиње, инфекција, епизоотиологија


OSNO - Opšta sistematizacija naučnih oblasti, Infektivne bolesti. Parazitske bolesti

Trichinella spiralis, Trichinella britovi, domestic and wild animals,infection, epizootiology